With Eleanor Roosevelt at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC.

Hi there! I’m Emily, The Historical Housewife. Welcome to my blog where I explore historic house museums to discover the history and stories behind them, and of the women who inhabited and ran these houses but are all too often left out of the narrative.

I was inspired to start this blog after visiting Patrick Henry’s Scotchtown in Virginia and hearing the story of his wife who was housed in the basement after having a mental breakdown. While her story was so sad and brought me to goosebumps, it also made me realize that never before had I heard much about the women who lived in these houses, but without whom the houses and their inhabitants would have been in shambles. And most of these women did more than run the house. They were revolutionaries, suffragettes, and more, changing the course of our history.

I am an amateur historian at best. In school, and still now, I’m not great with dates and treaties and wars and the technical stuff. But show me the “slice of life” history, how real people lived every day, and I’m there. I’m happy to see more and more women’s history coming to light. I’m excited to see places like Philadelphia and Alexandria, Virginia feature tours focusing on women’s history;¬†and proud of places like Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello who are updating their narratives to include the women who played a major role in our history.

So that’s the story my blog aims to tell, the story of the everyday people. Where they lived, who they were, and what they did. I hope you enjoy my interpretations and stories, and I encourage you to interact with me through the blog, and my Facebook and Instagram. By sharing, asking questions, and discussing, we can bring to light and learn the stories of those who have been left out, and recognize that we all play an important role in our society.

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